Department of Journalism and Mass Communication had organized a virtual discussion on Mahatma Gandhi and Hindi cinema

Department: Journalism and Mass Communication


Students, Research Scholars, Academicians and others.

Activity: Virtual discussion
Date and Duration: 30 January 2021 (One Day)

Title: Virtual Discussion on


on 73rd death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi

Resource person/ agency and affiliation:

Mr. Ajay Brahmatmaj (Fim Critic, Mumbai)

Brief description / remarks:

Eye for eye will make the whole world blind. Mahatma Gandhi said this in his lifetime. This thing is relevant even today. Cinema, the major medium of mass communication, brought Gandhi ideas to the global stage. On 30 January, on the occasion of Bapu’s 73rd death anniversary, a discussion on Hindi cinema and Mahatma Gandhi was organized by the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism of Mandsaur University.

Senior film critic Ajay Brahmatmaj was present as guest speaker. It is worth noting that Ajay Brahmatmaj has been doing film journalism and film reviews in the country’s cine history for more than 25 years. Today’s discussion was attended by participants from more than 10 universities. Speaking at the program, film critic Ajay Brahmatmaj said that Gandhi had never seen cinema in his life and that he considered cinema to be a bad thing, but today it has been over a hundred years of filmmaking in India, there Gandhi and we should see them with ideas.

Citing the example of several films, he introduced Gandhi to the participants and the importance of the subject.

Ajay Brahmatmaj, who knows the film world closely, said that Mahatma Gandhi had a deep connection with Hindi cinema. Gandhi believed that humanity is above race, religion, language, race. He supported equality. In the coming days, Ajay Brahmatej, who is expected to appear in the Gandhi OTT stage, also bowed to Bapu at the end of the program.

On this occasion, Vice Chancellor of the University Dr. Shailendra Sharma appreciated the program organized on Bapu’s death anniversary and said that this department is constantly involved in the work of public concern.

The program was conducted by Mr. Arun Jaiswal (Assistant Professor, DJMC). In the program, Dr. Manish Jaisal (H.O.D., DJMC) speak on the current state of Gandhi and cinema. He thanked Mr. Ajay Brahmatmaz for bringing out his time from his busy.  Assistant Professor Sonali Singh, students Shadab Choudhary, Kapil Sharma, Jayesh, etc. were present in the program.


The program was organized to make aware and educate the students of Journalism Department about the Gandhi and Indian Cinema.

No. of Participants: –

A total of 350 + participants have registered for the program

Report Prepared by:

Mr. Arun Jaiswal (Assistant professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication)

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Dr. Manish Jaisal (HOD& Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication)