Department of Fashion Design organized two days Fashion Exhibition

Department: Fashion Design

Year/Semester: 1st year/ I Semester,

2nd year/ IV Semester,

3rd year/ VI Semester

Date and Duration: On 19/2/2021 & 20/2/2021 from 10 AM to 5:30 PM
Title: “FashionExhibition”
Resource Person:Fashion department

Brief description/ Remarks:

Department of Fashion Design organized “Fashion Exhibition on 19-20 February,2021. In this  event, students of fashion designing displayed the articles and designs. Everyone admired the work of the students and also bought the products,provided orders and customization of dresses .The exhibition includes Garment of upper torso &  lower torso, Wearable and Detachable accessories, Articlesmade from waste materials and Home Décor products. Students  also draped the dummy in different draping styling for both the days. The inauguration of exhibition was done  by the respected Registrar Mr. Ashish Parikh Sir and Vice Chancellor Dr. Shailendra Sharma of Mandsaur University.


  • Effective way of building up confidenceamongst students.
  • Understanding of the basics concepts of the market demand and supply chain management.
  • Exposure of working in team and its importance.
  • Understanding of the client psychologically.
  • Practical implementation of visual display.
  • Customer handling & management.
  • Minute aspects of Marketing and Sales.

No. of participants:17

Prepared by: Fashion Department, Mandsaur University.

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Ms. Shraddha Jhaloya