Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering has organized Activity Based Learning on “Speed Control of DC Motor”

Department: Electrical and Electronics Engineering Year/sem:  B. Tech & Diploma (III Year) students
Activity: One day activity based learning on “Speed Control of DC Motor”
Date and Duration:  15 February 2021 (01 day)
Title:   “ Speed Control of DC Motor ”

Resource person/agency and affiliation: Mr. Rakesh Patidar & Mr. Virendra S. Solanki

Assistant Professor, EEE, Mandsaur University

Brief description / remarks:   Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering organized an activity based learning workshop on “Speed Control of DC Motor” for III year students (Diploma and B. Tech). The workshop was organized to make the students familiar with hands on practice model of speed control of DC Motor. The theoretical and practical aspects were covered and after that each participants made model of it.


1. The students learned the basic concepts of DC motor and the various parameters associated with it.
2. The students were able to learn assembling of electrical components to control the speed of DC motor.

No. of participants: 07

Prepared by:- Mr. Rakesh Patidar & Mr. Virendra S. Solanki, Assistant Professor, EEE, Mandsaur University

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI):- Mr. Virendra Jain, HOD, Electrical & Electronics Engineering,
Mandsaur University

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