Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering has organized a “Solar Car Competition”

Department: Electrical and Electronics Engineering Year/sem: All EEE Department students
Activity: Solar Car Competition 
Date and Duration: 27 March 2021
Title: Solar Car Competition
Resource person/agency and affiliation: – Event Coordinator:-  Mr. R P Kumawat, Mr. Virendra Singh Solanki, Mr. Siddheswar Kar,  Mr. Sanam Agnihotri,   (AP, EEE, MU Mandsaur)

Brief description / remarks:

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering had organized an event “Solar Car Competition” for Engineering students of MU on 27 March 2021. The Competition was started at 10.30a.m and continued up to 2p.m. In total 14 teams (42 students) had registered and participated in the competition.
The objective of this “Solar Car Competition” was to provide students a platform to design car, which is powered by solar energy. Also was to provide them a platform to check the accuracy of their design by participating in the racing competition.
Dr. B. K. Sharma from MCA department and Mr. Sanjeev Singh Chauhan from mechanical were the invited judges to select the winner and runners up of this competition.
Vice- Chancellor, Dr. Shailendra Sharma and Dean of engineering and technology Dr. Pradeep Laskar visited the racing track and encourage the students with motivational word. .
The racing competition had two sessions. The schedule and results of the competition are as follows:

Session-I (10.30a.m- 12.30p.m)

Racing without obstacle (First track)

Session-II (12.45p.m- 1.30p.m)

Racing with obstacle (Second track)

No. of teams Participated in round-I No. of teams qualified for round-II No. of teams qualified for session-II No. of teams participated No. of teams selected for   valedictory
14 08 04 04 03

In the valedictory program Dr. Shailendra Sharma and Dr. Pradeep Laskar distributed prizes to the winner and runners up teams.
The winner and runners up of this competition are as below:

Winner Runner up -I Runner up -II


Ravi Dayma


Vaibhav Soni

Tapan Das

Sakshi Modi,

Mohit Saratlaiya

Altaf Hussain

Due the well co-ordination of student co-coordinators 1. Sakhi Modi (VIII sem B.Tech EEE) & 2. Vaibhav Soni (VIII sem B.Tech EEE) the event was a success.


Outcome: Following are the outcomes of this competition:

1. Teamwork is an important part in educational career. Students performed the work as a team member. Hence they became aware of the benefits of teamwork.
2. Day by day technology is advancing; Students got idea about a new technology i.e. renewable energy system.

3. Design is always perfect if eagerness to know is present. Students shown their keen interest and they designed the car perfectly.
4. Due to the encouragement of faculties they got motivated to do this type of event in near future.
5. This event was a success due to participation of all faculty co-coordinators, student co-coordinators and helping hand of others.

No. of participants: 14 Cars (42 Participants)

Event Prepared by : Mr. R P Kumawat, Mr. Virendra Singh Solanki, Mr. Siddheswar Kar,  Mr. Sanam Agnihotri,   (AP, EEE, MU Mandsaur)

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Mr. Virendra Jain, EEE, Mandsaur University