Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering has organized a Mock Interview Round-I

Department: Electrical & Electronics Engineering Year/Semester:B.Tech  IV Year
Activity: “Mock Interview Round-I”
Date and Duration: 04 March, 2021
Resource person/agency and affiliation:– Mr. Rakesh Patidar &  Mr. Piyush Agrawal, Assistant Professor, Department of EEE, Mandsaur University

Brief description / remarks:-

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering had organized an activity in the name of “Mock Interview Round-I” on dated 04.03.2021 for B.Tech final year students.

The objective of the mock interview was to provide students a professional one-on-one opportunity and practicing how they have to face interview, how to write curriculum vitae and how to answer for technical questions.

The mock interview questions were technical questions chosen from the reputed MNC’s of the respective field. Some questions were from skill/behavioral centered and some were from general interview type.

Outcomes :-

  1. Students were reduced their stress and anxiety about the interview after facing mock interview.
  2. Students identified appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication skills/techniques of interview such as eye contact, use of filler words, hand gestures, and verbal pace etc.
  3. Students learned about professional behavior(s) including preparedness, professional attire, and respectful presentation.
  4. Students learned about how to answer to the technical questions which is asked by interviewer.
  5. Students learned about behavioral-based interview questions.
  6. Students were able to identify the mistakes in their existing CV and the necessary corrections in CV.

Total number of Participants :- 08

Prepared by: Mr. Rakesh Patidar &  Mr. Piyush Agrawal, Assistant Professor, Department of EEE, Mandsaur University

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI):- Mr. Virendra Jain, HOD , Department of EEE, Mandsaur University