Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering has organized a Group Discussion Round-II

Department: Electrical & Electronics Engineering Year/Sem:  III & IV year Diploma and B.Tech.
Activity:   Group Discussion (Round-II)
Date and Duration:  Thursday 25/03/2021.    12:30 pm to 01:15 pm
Title:  Social Media impact on the Society

Resource person/agency and affiliation:  Dr. Manish Jain, Asso. Prof., EEE department

Mr. R.P. Kumawat, AP, EEE Department.

Brief description / remarks:

A Round-II on ‘Group Discussion’ was conducted on the 25th March. 2021 at the Power System lab, Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering. Group discussion is the best tools to study the behavioral and attitudinal responses of the participants. The objective of the event was to exchange of ideas among the individuals of a group on a specific topic allotted.

Initially Coordinator Dr. Manish Jain spells out the outcome of the GD-I round and suggested the entire participant to be initiator and use formal word during whole discussion. He has suggested participant to be first and also last to speak.

Initially students start with their introduction. Afterwards on spot topic entitled “Social media impact on the society” was allotted to students by Mr. R. P. Kumawat. He also gives some tips that adequate matter is essential in active participation and body gestures are very important.

The group discussion lasted for about 25-30 minutes. All the students shared their thoughts and experiences on the topic allotted. Some students pointed out in favor of Social media and some shows with good examples in against of social media. Lastly participants have to summarize and conclude the GD with their own opinion. Some of the students showed very good performance throughout the discussion.


1. To observe behavioral and attitudinal responses of the participants.
2. To choosing the socially suitable candidate among the academically superior achievers.
3. To enhances communication skills, leadership quality and thinking capacity.

 No. of participants: 13

Prepared by :- Dr. Manish Jain, Associate Professor , EEE dept.

Verified and Submitted by: –   Mr. Virendra Jain (HOD EEE dept.), Mandsaur University