Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering had organized a Technical Test-II

Department: Electrical & Electronics Engineering Year/sem: B.Tech & Diploma Final Year
Activity: Technical Test
Date and Duration: 17th  March 2021
Title:  Technical Test-II
Resource person/agency and affiliation: Mr.  Siddheswar Kar, Assistant Professor, Department of EEE & Mr. Virendra Singh Solanki, Assistant Professor, Department of EEE

Brief description / remarks:-

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering had organized a test on dated 17.03.2021 at 11.30AM in the name of Technical Test-II” for final year Diploma and B.Tech students.

The objective of this test was to exposed students with the related technical questions which have been prepared by the department for various reputed company, which come to the university for campus placement.

Seven numbers of students appeared the test in the department and those students who had some genuine problem they appeared the test by using the link, which was provided to them using whats-up group. In total 12 students appeared the test.

Outcome :- The outcomes of this technical test are as follows:

  1. Students acquainted themselves with different sets of technical questions, which will be helpful for them in the written tests which are conducted by reputed companies in campus placement drives.
  2. They clarified their doubts regarding the concepts of some of the important topic after going through the questions.
  3.  This test is also helpful for them in future to appear the written tests, which are conducted by various private and public sector company for the job.

Total number of Participants:- 12

Prepared by: – Mr.  Siddheswar Kar, Assistant Professor, EEE & Mr. Virendra Singh Solanki, Assistant Professor, EEE

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI):- Mr. Virendra Jain, HOD, Electrical & Electronics Engineering