Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Mandsaur University

Sophisticated Instrumentation Facility


Make: Meter Centre


Instruments to be mounted according to their individual characteristics. The Electrical Calibration Test Bench panels shall be of a single panel construction type.


Test Low Voltage DC Components, Test Low Voltage AC Components, Voltage Measurement, Current Measurement, Phase Shifter, Power factor Measurement, Running Routine Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Highly reliable and provide excellent test results.


Description Specification
Voltage 0-600V
Current 0-50A & 0-100A
Power 0-750W
Power Factor 0-1
Incoming Power Supply 415 VAC, 3 phase, 4 wire, 50 Hz.
Connection 1-Phase/2-Phase


Run in motors prior to installation, Welding Machine, Power Factor, Variable Speed Motors, Heaters, Lamps, Fuses, Troubleshooting, Voltage Measurement, Current Measurement, Batteries, Motor Starters, Power Tools, Breakers, Relays.


  • Saves you time! Allows users to test motors–new or rebuilt.
  • Central place for quarterly electrical tool testing.
  • All instruments on the electrical test bench are calibrated.
  • Controlled environment for performing testing of all safety and critical electrical equipment.
  • Allows for accountability of test equipment by being mounted in panel.


Make: Clear Flow Corporation

Product description

Motorized Oil Testing Transformer: Oil testing transformer is equipment designed to test dielectric strength of Insulating oils as per reference standard IS 6792/1992 or IEC 156. Specification: Model: Motorized with auto manual switch. Input: 230V/ 240V, single phase, 50 C/s AC. Output: 0- 100 KV center tap earthed. Indication: Mains ON & HT ON lamps. Metering: Digital or Analog Voltmeter duly marked in KV. Protection: Electronic, fast action over current tripping device sensing HT current.


Description Specification
Input Voltage 230V A.C.
Frequency 50Hz
Output Voltage 0-100KV
Power 500 VA
Type Motorised
Sr. No. 18/04/101
Connection 1-Phase


Transformer oil serves mainly two purposes one it is liquid insulation in electrical power transformer and two it dissipates heat of the transformer, acts as coolant. In addition to these, this oil serves two purposes, it helps to preserve the core and winding as theses are fully immersed inside oil and another important purpose of this oil is, it prevents direct contact of atmospheric oxygen with cellulose compromised due to aging / contamination; it leads to catastrophic event due to insulation flashover. The voltage withstands capability of oil often reduced due to contamination. The contamination can be due to dirt, water ingress and particulate cellulosic fibers.