Department of Computer Science and Applications has organized an Activity Based Learning (ABL) Program


Computer Application and Sciences


 Ist year/Ist Sem


Activity Based Learning

Date and Duration:

15th Feb 2021


Activity Based Learning

 Explain Technical Concepts using PowerPoint Presentation

Resource person/agency and affiliation:

Professor Mudita Dave Nagar (Computer Science and Application Department)

Brief description / remarks:

The Department of Computer Science and Applications is has  organize an activity based learning(ABL) program on the topic of “Explain Technical Concepts using PowerPoint Presentation” for First Year BCA and B.Sc.(CS) students.

It was a 2 hrs presentation activity session which was conducted for BCA and B Sc first year students for improving their technical as well as presentation skills. In this activity more than 15 students gave their presentation which are prepared by themselves on the topic related to their own field i.e. computer technologies and its use.

Some of the topics chosen by students are Internet of things, Digital India, Online business, Smart street light etc. Overall activity was successful because students feel confident after giving their presentation.

Outcome: Successfully Conducted

No. of participants: 34

Prepared by: CSA Department.

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Dr. Nilesh Jain