Department of civil Engineering has organized a 5 day Workshop on “Total Station and DGPS ”

Department of civil Engineering has organized a 5 day Workshop on “Total Station and DGPS ”

Department: Civil Engineering Year/semester: B Tech IV, VI , Diploma IV of MU and students from other institutions
Activity: Workshop
Date and Duration: 22nd March to 26th March 2021 (5 days)
Title: Workshop on “Total Station and DGPS”

Resource person/agency and affiliation:

Er. Saurabh Jain, Managing Director of JP Construction and JP Survey Academy, Bhopal and Mr. Dashrath Kachhawa, Assistant surveyor, JP Construction Bhopal.

Brief description / remarks:

Department of civil Engineering has organized a 5 day Workshop on “Total Station and DGPS ” during 22nd March to 26th March 2021 for the students of Diploma and B Tech of Civil Engineering department. Total 30 Students have participated in this workshop, among them 7 students belonging to other institutes like ATC Indore, GT. Polytechnic Jaora, SYSITS Ratlam and Govt. ITI, Mandsaur. Er. Saurabh Jain, Managing Director of JP Construction & JP survey academy, Bhopal with his assistant was the resource person. Er. Jain took 2 hour session in the starting of the workshop in which he explained the importance and scope of the advanced and latest instruments like Laser Scanners, DGPS, GNSS Systems, Robotic Total Stations, Mobile Sensor Platforms, Smart Antennas, Receivers, Controllers, Accessories and Manual Total Stations etc. During workshop students performed various tasks on the field with two Total Stations & one DGPS in two shifts of 5 days. In the second half of the first day students have learned about the centering & leveling of Total Station. Second day students generate a job in TS, take various points on the field for survey and find northing, easting, zenith, sloping distance, horizontal and vertical angle. Third day they learned about the height, area and volume measurement of any object on the field. Fourth day they performed all the previous activity through DGPS instead of TS. Fifth day they performed demarcation with RTK method, repeated all the surveying activity and practiced the whole day. Mr. Jain also explained about the career opportunities in the field of advanced surveying. He also gives the opportunity for our students to work with his company after completion of their course. Previously two of our diploma students were placed in their company through the department. The purpose of organizing this workshop was to make the students industry ready in the field of advanced surveying. Total Station and DGPS are also part of the curriculum. This workshop was proved fruitful for the students because they learned to perform important various tasks of surveying by Total Station and DGPS. Nowadays for the surveying work the Total Station and DGPS machine are preferred by industries and the Revenue department for its preciseness and less time consuming quality. So that with the help of this kind of workshops the students can find more opportunity to nurture their future aspects.

Outcomes of the workshop :

  • Total Station and DGPS workshop improves the candidate’s knowledge and efficiency in using the application.
  • It increases the productivity of Civil Engineers.
  • It saves a significant amount of time and money over the general purpose programs.
  • The training to operate Total Station & DGPS generates powerful surveying tools.
  • Certification in TS and DGPS enhances the candidate’s overall profile and resume.
  • It enhances the general knowledge of people in advanced surveying of the field and structures through Total Station and DGPS.
  • Increase awareness about the application of Total Station and DGPS in Civil Engineering.
  • The candidates can easily apply for jobs and grab in-demand opportunities in the surveying and consultancy industry.
  • They became familiar with Total Station Machine. They learned how to do the centering and leveling of Total Station.
  • They learned how to make a job, coordinate systems like rectangular and polar coordinates system measurement etc.
  • They are able to perform the Electronic Distance Measurements, Orientation, open and closed traversing, topographic survey, contouring, calculation of 2d and 3d area of the field, calculation of surface volume by TS etc.
  • The students are able to measure horizontal and vertical angle by TS.
  • The students are able to transfer and interpret the survey data stored in the Total Station machine to computer using Auto-CAD software.
  • The students are able to perform the stake out, demarcation of building, plot layout, road etc.

No. of participants: 30

Prepared by : Mr. Nanalal Kumawat

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Mr. Azharuddin Sheikh