Department of Agriculture Wins Volleyball 2021

Department: Agriculture Year/sem: 2020-21
Activity:  Sports activities.
Date and Duration: 18th March, 2021, 11:00AM- 02:00PM
Title: Volleyball/Basketball Matches.
Resource person/agency and affiliation: Mandsaur University , Mandsaur (M.P.)


Brief description / remarks:

Mandsaur University organized  Sports activities ( Volleyball/ Basketball Matches) on 18 march 2021 under MU centralized activity.  Volleyball matches was started at 11:00 AM at MU Ground, Campus – I. Six teams participated in this Volleyball matches. In which one team from Department of Agriculture participated and team of Agriculture Department got  winner position in competition.

Outcome : Students effectively participated in “: Volleyball/ Basketball Matches  and enjoyed. Students are highly encouraged and would participate in upcoming such events for winning the prizes.

No. of participants:

 [1]. Volleyball matches–    winner position in competition:                        

Team players  :  1. G. Venkatesh (Final year),

2. S. Sunil Kumar (1st year),

3. Sharath Kumar (Final year),

4. Ajay (3rd yaer),

5. Pawan Rathod  (1st year),

6. B. Babu Venkat (Final year).

Prepared by: Mr. Deepak Yadav (A.P.).

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI):  Dr. R.A. Sharma (Director Agriculture)