Department of Agriculture Organized a webinar on “Quality Seed Production Technology in Soybean”

Fourth the Series of webinar (Virtual seminar cum Web lectures for Agri. Students and Farmers) has successfully started as per scheduled time table by Department of Agriculture. In this series, Today i.e., on 30/06/2020 The first Webinar entitled “Quality Seed Production Technology in Soybean” (सोयाबीन में गुणवत्तापूर्ण बीज उत्पादन की तकनीक) has successfully conducted on Hangout Meet at 12:00 PM to 01:45 PM. The Webinar started with warm welcome to all students, farmers and faculty members by Mr. Mahaveer Jain (A.P.).
The speaker, Mr. Rahul Singh Rajput (A.P.) delivered his web lecture and explain each and every aspect of quality seed production technology in Soybean like Importance of quality seeds, Physical purity, Genetic purity, Germination percentage, Seed vigour, Seed viability, Seed source, Field preparation, Isolation distance, Roguing, Important varieties of soybean, Fertlizer management, Irrigation management, Field inspection etc.
During the question-answer session, Dr. R.A Sharma (Director Agriculture) interacted with all participants and answered all the important questions raised by the participants in a very elaborative and informative way. Dr. R.A Sharma shared unique and knowledgeable information about practical aspect of germination test and quality seed production and also delivered a brief lecture on Nutrient Availability in soil. Many students asked his/her queries regarding the quality seed production in soybean and other crops.
At the end of the webinar, A vote of Thank was given by Mr. Mahaveer Jain (A.P.) and urged all the students and farmers to participate in the upcoming webinars.

Outcome: All the participants actively participated in the webinar. They learn About the quality seed production technology in soybean and how to increase production and productivity/hectare? They also learn about parameters of quality seeds like physical purity, genetic purity, seed vigour, seed viability and seed germination and how to calculate all these parameter at locally in his/her home/village or in laboratory. This webinar helps our students to improve the agronomic practices and production technology in soybean crop. Positive feedbacks were received from all participants by various means like in chat comments and Whatsapp group.
No. of participants: 46 participants
Prepared by: Mr. Rahul Singh Rajput (A.P.).
Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Dr. R. A. Sharma