Department of Agriculture, celebrated “WORLD WATER DAY” on March 22, 2021

Department:   Department of Agriculture

Activities:   Celebration of world water day(March 22,  2021:

1.Poster Making Competition

2. Oral presentation by Faculty Members

3. Oral presentation by Students

Date and Duration:    22 March. 2020 9:30 AM  Onwards
Title:  Celebration of  world water day, on the basis of 2021 theme “Low-cost and No-cost water conservation measures”
Resource person/agency and affiliation:   Mr.Prashant Sinoriya and Mr.Pankaj Dunge

Brief description / remarks:

*Objective: Creating awareness and enthuse students, farmers, and society as a whole about the *Activities:  SARASWATI DEEP PRAJWALAN & SARASWATI VANDANA”, Poster competition on the theme, Oral Presentation by students and Faculty members.

*Chief Guest and Guest Speaker: Dr. Shekhar Jain and Dr. Ashish Warghane, Department of life science, Mandsaur University.

*Total Participants: 105 Students and Faculty members.

* Key Speakers: Dr. R.A. Sharma, Dr Sekhar Jain, Dr Ashish Barghane, Plus 5 faculty members e.g. Dr. Sanjay Singh, Dr Atul Singh, Ms Niharika, Dr. Syed, Afrayeen, Dr. Pragati Nigam, Mrs. Mamata Vyas, Ms May Waskale, Mr Gopal Halecha, ASSTT. Profs.

All the Key speakers emphasized the importance of water and explained various “Low Cost and No Cost Measures” for its conservation.

* Student Speakers: 05

* Poster Competitors:  12 students

*Valedictory session: Awards and Certificates were presented to winner students as detailed in the following paragraphs:

The students who have awarded by prizes, certificates and Consolation Certificates listed below
Sr. Category of Prize Name Of Students Enrollment No. Year


And Certificates

Winner B. Shruthi 19AGR3AGR1035 II Year
2. 1st Runner Up K.S. Bhardwaj  19AGR3AGR1087 II Year
3. 2nd Runner up Nilesh 20AGR3AGR1093 I Year
Students who received Consolation Certificates:-
1. Sachin Rathore 20AGR3AGR1118 I Year
2. Kirtiraj Singh Chandrawat 20AGR3AGR1067 I Year
3 Arella Gautham Karthik 20AGR3AGR1013 I Year
4. L. Nagu Naik 19AGR3AGR1102 II Year
5. Divya Patidar 19AGR3AGR1052 II Year
6. K. Sai Divya 18AGR3AGR1077 III Year
7. Arya N.V. 18AGR3AGR1023 III Year
8. B. Ashtha laxmi 18AGR3AGR1037 III Year
9. Ch. Sharath Chandra 17AGR3AGR1033 IV Year
10. Sai Durga Prasad Banothu 17AGR3AGR1081 IV Year
11. Naveen Babu Masimukku 17AGR3AGR1109 IV Year
12. Kalu Singh 20AGR5AGO1003 M.Sc. Ag (Agronomy)

Outcome:  All the participants gave beautiful messages by their creative posters. It shows talents are surround us we need to refine them.

No. of participants: 15 Participant and 105 students were present during the Celebration

Prepared by:   Mr.Prashant Sinoriya and Mr.Pankaj Dunge