Craft Internship (Indore Visit)

Craft Internship (Indore Visit)

Department of Fashion Design conducted an industrial visit named “Craft Documentation” for the students of II year. Students have to select any state of their interest and have to learn any special or famous craft of that state. In 10 to 15 days they have to learn the basic process and their style under trainer of that art. 2 students of II year (Ms. Apeksha Gupta and Ms. Durga Chandwani) chose Indore and performed craft documentation with two specialties that are Leather Craft and Veg Dyes Work. Students prepared many articles.

Leather crafting or simply leather craft is the practice of making leather into craft objects or works of art, using shaping and moulding techniques, coloring techniques or both. It may help to prepare accessory and apparel designing.

Dye is one of the most versatile mediums with which to enhance the design of a fashion garment. Designer can choose to work with either previously dyed textiles or griege textiles when applying decorative dye techniques to their work.

Career Perspective of this activity:

  • To be employed as fashion designers with design houses
  • To work as designers or merchandisers with large retail companies  and exporters
  • To work with NGOs as designers, facilitators
  • To work as freelance designers
  • To work as entrepreneurs

Outcome :

  • The basic purpose of craft internship is to study the craft, recognize the problem areas of the craft and then come up with the design solution in fashion field.
  • Students learned different craft that can be merge and apply with accessory and dressing in Fashion.
  • To prepare for industrial working environment.