B.Sc(Industrial Chemistry)

3 Years


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Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry is the process of development , optimization and monitoring of fundamental chemical processes used in industry for transforming raw materials and precursors into useful commercial products for society. Industrial Chemistry program provides a broad education within chemistry with application of mathematical, engineering and management principles. They are exposed to instructions and research projects in instrumental analysis, Nano Chemistry, Chemical Spectroscopy, Organic Synthesis, Coordination and Organ Metallic Chemistry, Natural Product Chemistry, Computation Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry, Solid State Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry and Composites and Environmental Chemistry .
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry is a 3 year under graduate course which focuses on the study of basic concepts in the subject area of Industrial Chemistry. These graduates can go for several higher study options or else can look for a good job in areas of Industrial Chemistry or its allied fields.
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry graduates can go for various higher level studies in the field. These people can expect a good career in this field as well.
Graduates of Industrial chemistry can work as quality controllers in every small and big industry. They can work in different sectors such as leather industries, plastic industries, food industries, and pharmaceutical companies. They can also work as a laboratory manager or researcher in different laboratories and research institutes.

Learning Outcomes

  • The successful graduates are equipped for higher studies and careers in teaching, research institutes, chemical laboratories, Ministries of Science and Technology, Education, Agriculture, Health, Industry, Environment and in such diverse industries as vegetable oils, soap and detergents, paints and varnishes, plastics, brewing, pharmaceuticals, sugar, paper and pulp, textiles, fertilizer, cement, ceramics, iron and steel, petroleum, coal, dyestuff, etc. Our graduates are also equipped for self-employment.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge and understanding of principles of chemical reactor design.
  • Develop basic management plans for handling solid and hazardous wastes.

Course name: B.Sc Industrial Chemistry

Course Category: Industrial Chemistry

Type of Course: Full time

Level of course: Bachelors

Course Duration: 3 Years

Description: Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry

Eligibility: Pass in 10+2 or equivalent with Science.

Programme Type: After 12th