Communication and Personality Development Activity

Communication and Personality Development Activity

Faculty of Life Science organized one day students Seminar on, 2nd November 2018 for B.Sc. (Hons.)  I Sem Biotechnology and Microbiology students. Keeping in perspective the current scenario, a seminar thoughtfully planned with an aim to provide presentation skill development. The presentation on different topics was prepared and presented by the students. The main aim is to motivate each and every student towards such initiatives. The session started at 10:15 am which was taken by Mrs. Meenakshi Jain, Asst. Professor, Faculty of Life Sciences, MU. In the session the major contents about presentation were discussed.

List of students participated and their topics are-(Microbiology Students)

1.      Ankit Rathod                  : Spontaneous generation vs. Biogenesis

2.      Khushi Upadhyay           : Germ theory of diseases

3.      Jitesh Chauhan                : Bacterial Structure

4.      Sarita Kushwaha             : Instruments for sterilization

5.      Priyanshi Rathod            : Scope of Microbiology

6.      Priyalshri Chattar            : Methods for isolation and cultivation of bacteria

7.      Tejpal Kumawat              :Ultra structure and economic importance of fungi

List of students participated and their topics are-(Biotechnology Students)

1.      Awani Kushwaha           :Nitrogen Fixation

2.      Ritu Dhakad                   : Development of biodegradable polymer

3.      Sakshi Patidar                : Mitochondria

4.      Shivkanya Patidar          : Golgi Bodies

5.      Tushar Choudhary          : Recombinant Vaccines

6.      Vijendra Singh Panwar   : Lipids :Structure, function and its classification

The Seminar assisted the students in understanding the various topics related to their subjects. Students found motivated and filled with energy. It will help in personality and skill development and persuade the students towards career.