Anurag Tripathi

Anurag Tripathi

Being an entrepreneur is very in vogue; it is a popular notion that if you start a tech company out of your college dorm room you will make billions. However, I would challenge this mainstream statement and ask what entrepreneurship can offer you?

I started my journey in entrepreneurship at the MIT Mandsaur’s Entrepreneurship Program. I believed that upon my post-graduation I would’ve created and owned my own business, having gone to class during the day while I built my empire at night. However, as I started to pursue my career as an entrepreneur I began a long and intimate journey with myself in what I like to call ‘MyEnterprise’ business. This is the philosophy that one should run his or her life as a business every day. You are the boss and CEO and your network of connections are different branches of your business. The decisions I make every day propel me towards my end goal of making me the best business possible.

It was during this journey that the Entrepreneurship Program helped me realize that I did not have to start a company out of my dorm room to be an entrepreneur. More specifically, the first exercise Chris Hanks, head of the program, made our class complete helped me define my own journey. Looking back, I realized I could be successful by internally debating the following simple questions, deriving a truthful answer, and doing whatever it took to achieve results.

  1. Who do you want to be?
  2. What motivates you?

 I’m happy to say that I still wake up every day and invest a great deal of energy into “MyEnterprise”. I’m truly thankful that MIT Mandsaur, who helped me, pinpoints my dreams while at the same time instilling the skills I needed to achieve them.