UNESCO Chairs & UNITWIN Network

UNESCO Chairs & UNITWIN Networks:

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is known as the “intellectual” agency of the United Nations, created in 1945, after two World Wars, with a firm belief that peace can be established only through humanity’s moral and intellectual solidarity.

UNESCO strives to build network amongst nations by mobilizing for quality education access, intercultural understanding, scientific cooperation and protection of human dignity.

Launched in 1992, the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme promotes international inter-university cooperation and networking to enhance institutional capacities through knowledge sharing and collaborative work. The Programme supports the establishment of UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN Networks related to UNESCO’s key priority areas – education, the natural and social sciences, culture and communication. Through this network, higher education and research institutions all over the globe pool their resources, both human and material, to address pressing challenges and contribute to the development of their societies.

Network UNESCO Chair

The “UNESCO Chair on Global Problems and Emerging Social and Ethical Challenges for Large Cities and their Populations” is operative at Faculty of Global Studies, Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), Moscow, Russian Federation since 2010, with Dr. Yuri Sayamov as its Chairholder.

Mandsaur University has the proud privilege of being chosen for establishing a Network UNESCO Chair under an Agreement with the UNESCO Chair, Moscow, which was signed on 1st August 2016 and approved by Prof. Ilya V. Ilyin, Dean, Faculty of Global Studies, MSU and Er. Narendra Nahata, Chancellor, Mandsaur University. The Network Chair is dedicated to work on knowledge creation and research in the fields of Education, Ethics, Entrepreneurship and Empowerment (4Es).