Conference Theme

Conference Theme

In the Year of Presidency of India in BRICS, it is pertinent to set agenda for the BRICS nations and communities that will address its basic issues for empowerment of 40% of the world’s population that dwells in BRICS countries. Hence, the theme of this Conference attempts to merge the commonality of Education, Ethics and Entrepreneurship as the drivers of Empowerment. BRICS, with its contributions in world GDP, also has potential to emerge as an economic powerhouse in next decade.

However, the Conference is meant not only to dwell upon the economic aspects, but also the factors that impact the social & geopolitical aspects of BRICS nations. Only when we are able to uplift our population above the present levels of development, BRICS can assert its role in geopolitical sphere.

The Conference aims to highlight & discuss various issues and strategies that will take BRICS countries and its communities to its rightful place in the comity of nations.


  • Present status and future prospects of BRICS
  • Role of Education in making BRICS a vibrant force
  • Innovations in Education at Primary & Higher Levels
  • Role of Ethics & Spirituality in Human Development
  • Lessons from major Ethical Challenges
  • Opportunities for Entrepreneurship in BRICS
  • Challenges & Strategies for developing Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Models of Social Empowerment
  • Role of Democracy & Free Speech in Empowerment
  • Success Stories of Social Empowerment
  • Case Studies on Entrepreneurship

The above list of Sub-Themes is only tentative, but not exhaustive; and can be expanded to include Papers relevant to the main Theme of the conference.