Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary:

The Sitamata wildlife Sanctuary is known for Flying Squirrel and panthers. However it is an ideal habitat for herbivores, carnivores and variety of territorial arboreal and water birds. Sitamata is one of the richest sanctuaries from the biota point of view. Nearly 50 species of mammals. 325 species of Birds, 40 species of reptiles, 9 species of amphibians, 30 species fishes and more than 800 species of plants have been listed in the sanctuary. The Sanctuary can be considered as ‘hot spot’ of Rajasthan for floral and faunal diversity point of view northern moist distribution limit of many duccan elements are passing through the Sitamata. Flying Squirrels, Four horned antelope, tree frog, Ratal, Indian pangolin etc. can be seen here. This sanctuary is famous for four horned antelopes and considered as best Chousinga Sanctuary of state.

Points covered:

Apart from Wildlife Sanctuary, The following points are important in this sanctuary. These are as follows:

  1. Sita Bari
  2. Valmiki Ashram
  3. Bhrigu Bawari
  4. Aarampura
  5. Kuntheria Hill Side
  6. Nangaliya Dame
  7. Poonga Talab

Resource Person:.

This Jungle Safari Camp was organized in coordination with Department of Forest, Government of Rajasthan. The distance of Sitamata Sanctuary is 72 KM far from Mandsaur (Madhya Pradesh).


  1. 2 Hrs special lecture delivered by Mr. B.S. Rathore (Forest Department) regarding Wildlife Animals of Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary to the students.
  2. 1 Hr Evening visit specially organized for flying squirrel which is normally fly in evening time under the guidance of Mr. Durga Das (Specialist Forest Guard).
  3. 9 KM Jungle Walk was organized in the World famous Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary.
  4. Lodging and Boarding was provided by Department of Forest Department for 01 night.
  5. During the Jungle Walk, each floral and faunal species was described by Nature Guide.

(Dr. Lokeshver Singh Jodhana)

Associate Professor & Head