Department of Fashion Designing


To carve young minds with design thinking, encourage passion and flare for designing and help aspiring students to become successful designers, entrepreneurs and industry ready professionals.


The mission of Fashion Design department is to provide education with innovative curriculum, up-to-date technology, pedagogy, industry & foreign collaborations, while pioneering in experimenting and nurturing creativity by incorporating both classic and innovative design concepts.

Mandsaur University offers undergraduate program for Fashion Design by the name of BA in Fashion Design. It is a 3 Years Degree program.

Program objectives are: –

  • To prepared confident young Entrepreneur or Designer with his or her own designs or boutique or Garment unit.
  • To prepared for Garment Industry Professional who will excel in the job responsibility entrusted on him or her.
  • To prepared Confident and comprehensive academician having completed postgraduate design program inside India or abroad with strong portfolio.
  • To prepared Freelance Consultant who helps the core and allied industry or individual or organization in a specific design domain with their expertise.
  • To prepare Educator or Trainer in fashion schools or organizations imparting and sharing the knowledge acquired by them.
  • To prepare Dynamic and confident individuals who excel in any profession they have undertaken due to their strong foundation.
  • To provide experience in responding to market opportunities with creative and innovative products that integrate a set of academic disciplines such as textiles materials, design fundamentals, business fundamentals, sourcing, data mining of market information, and new developments in Fashion World.


  • Fashion and Fabric Theory Knowledge: Understanding Theories & Principles of behind Fabric Constructions and its Science; History of Art, Textile, Costumes, Fashion theories, Styles, Marketing & Merchandising, of the past and present to appreciate trends, predict appropriate market trends and machine knowledge.
  • Design Process Knowledge: To apply the knowledge of elements of design and principles of design to create new design on paper, graphics, textile and garments.
  • Design / Develop product prototypes: Design a garment or a product by draping or flat pattern making or by using hands on skill or stitching to construct the product to meet desired specification, performance and capabilities: compatible with client need, trend, market analysis, social and environmental considerations.
  • Modern Tool Usage: Computer Knowledge and skill to apply appropriate CAD and Computer Graphics knowledge to design and create new and industry ready Surface or Garment or Style on computer.
  • Value Addition: Applying traditional practices and methods to add value to a product or garment, creating a balance between the past practices and technological advancement.
  • Visual Communication: To visually communicate ideas in the form of artistic fashion illustrations, graphic illustration, styling, fashion photography and visual display of merchandise.
  • Event Management, Entrepreneurial and Business Skills: Demonstrate understanding to successfully conduct a fashion event or run an organization; handle its finance, HR and business.
  • Designer and Society– Understanding and awareness on sustainable practices for the upliftment of the society and the environment and ethical behaviour and IPR knowledge
  • Communication: Communicate and present effectively orally and in writing. Being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documents, make presentations and give and receive clear instructions.
  • Individual and team Work: Articulate teamwork principles, work with multidisciplinary team, appreciate the role of a leader, leadership principles and attitudes conductive to effective professional practices.
  • Life Long Learning: Engage in life – long learning, demonstrate knowledge and understanding of contemporary and emerging issues relevant to their domain – demonstrate knowledge and understanding of business practices and principles of management and understand their limitations, develop awareness of legal consequences.


  • The students will have strong foundation in designing and have the ability to visually represent it by illustrations, photographs, graphics and visual display of merchandise.
  • The students will be able to convert their design into a product or a garment using appropriate construction techniques
  • The students will be able to understand and analyze the market trends and design market friendly, sustainable, ethically viable and client friendly designs and products.
  • Students will be able to work as a team in any organization and become accomplished or successful Designers, Entrepreneurs or Industry ready professionals.