We believe that entrepreneurship is the key that can unlock India’s latent inventive potential. It will not only push India to the forefront of the world but also help raise the quality of life in the country.
With this belief The Entrepreneurship Cell, MU targets to help in the development of India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by enabling easy and efficient interaction between it’s major components spanning students, working professionals, aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, mentors, angel investors, venture capital firms and corporate through initiatives like interactive sessions, competitions, conferences ect. MU prepares students for future entrepreneurial careers and promotes the commercialization of research results. However, success depends upon the close co-operation and integration of the university internal support with the external entrepreneurship support system.

We are a team of enthusiasts dedicated towards building a strong foundation of entrepreneurial culture at MU. We wish to encourage students to take up entrepreneurship as a lifestyle and to guide them while they redefine the very meaning of success.