The microbial world is a realm of life made up of microorganisms. Microbiology is the branch of biological sciences concerned with the study of these microbes. Microorganisms are   unicellular organisms, too small to be seen with the naked eye. Among all forms of life on the earth, microorganisms predominate in number of species and in biomass, but their occurrence is generally underappreciated because of their small size and the need for a microscope to see individual cells. In fact, it’s true that without microbes there would be no protists, no plants, no animals, not even life on this planet.

In recognition of the importance of Microbiology and the abundant career opportunities, The department of Microbiology offers UG & PG Course in Microbiology. The course is enriched with several papers covering all the basic aspects of Microbiology like Microbial Physiology, Medical Microbiology, Food and Agricultural Microbiology, Environmental and sanitation Microbiology, Industrial Microbiology. The department offers Biochemistry, Computer applications and Biostatistics as complementary subjects so as to provide a balanced course for the students.

Our Mission

“To create a centre of academic excellence in the field of education and research in Microbiology and to develop an orientation towards the global needs as responsible citizens”.

Our Vision

“To learn, practice and apply Microbiology for human welfare”.