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Agricultural science is the study of the science and management of biological systems for the sustainable production of food and fiber. Biology, chemistry, mathematics and statistics underpin this major, with a choice of specializations in Agricultural Science, crop science and animal production. The objective of the B.Sc. in Agricultural  program is to educate future agriculturalist, who has general knowledge and skills in agricultural production, process and farming based on agricultural, natural, technical and economical sciences in diverse areas of modern agriculture.

Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RAWE)

In RAWE students are exposed to real life rural settings. Its aim is to develop a sense of awareness among the students about the problems of farmers and rural people to inculcate professional attitude in facing real life problems. Major components are industrial attachment, field visits, village attachment and plant clinic. In industrial attachment students get attached to an industry and gain work experience over there. In village attachment students get attached to a village where they work under the guidance of farmers. They also help farmers in various operations. Field visits are organized to progressive farms, Krishi Vigyan Kendras, Horticulture Centres and IPM Laboratory, etc. In the plant clinic students undergo rigorous training.
They diagnose the various problems of soils and plants related to production and give solutions or suggestions to farmers.

Practical Crop Production (PCP) 

It is an integral part of the course curriculum for B.Sc. Ag. degree. In this one hectare of land is provided to a group of eight students. They have to cultivate it themselves. They not only earn during PCP by selling their produce but also bear the risks associated with crop production.


Mandsaur University offers a four year Honors Degree Programme in B.Sc. (Agriculture). After successful completion Of Theory & Practical’s With 7 Semister’s, the students undergo 135-140 working days on live project in rural areas under the Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RAWE). Under this programme, students’ primarily understand the rural situation and status of agricultural technologies adopted by farmers’. University organizes students’ Field visits to Progressive Farmers field, Krishi Vigyan Kendras, State Agricultural Universities(ICAR), & National Research Centers.


Agriculture Model Act 

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